2022 Photo Contest Winners

June 14, 2023
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The 2022 Go Fish BC Photo Contest closed at the end of October. We received just over 360 submissions across three categories.

This year, we asked for photos of memorable moments on the lake; fishing buddies; and anglers’ first catches. Selecting only nine winners from so many excellent submissions was a tough task. 

Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the winners, who each receive a share of the $1,575 in cash prizes. You can view the winning shots below. 

Follow our Instagram account (@gofishbc) where we’ll also be featuring the winners, along with some of our other favourite photos throughout the year.

Category 1: Luck on the Lake 

We asked for your snapshots of anglers in action on a B.C. lake.

1st Place:  Jordon Conway. “One more cast. Sunset fishing in region 7a.”
2nd Place:  Anita Vibe. “Boys caught beautiful lake trout in the Cariboo, with the largest being six lbs.
3rd Place:  Jenny Liefke. “Best days are spent relaxing and fishing with family.”

Category 2: Fishing Buddies 

For photos of your fishing buddy, whether it be a family member, friend, or pet.

1st Place:  Katherine Mulski. “The Rod Holder. Nora is my 9-year-old English bulldog, and is known lovingly as my bulldog trout-associate. She takes a keen interest in watching trout come to the boat, and usually keeps her composure. She is the best fishing companion I could have ever asked for, and is always up for a fishing adventure.”
2nd Place:  Samir Das. “Fishing the gold” – Samir snapped this stunning image of fishing friends on one of the new docks in the Cariboo region during a golden sunset moment last summer. 
3rd Place:  Diane Killman. “My grandson, Nate, wanted to fish, so his grandpa made him a homemade pole. Nate sat on this rock, with his grandpa’s new puppy, for hours trying to catch a fish.”

Category 3: First Catch

We asked for photos of a first catch, which could include first fish ever caught; first of a particular species; or first fish of the season. 

1st Place:  Scotti Griffin. “First male steelhead, Chilliwack River.”
2nd Place:  Glenn Gerbrandt. “First Horsefly strain of rainbow trout caught of the season.”

To learn where you can also catch a Horsefly strain of rainbow trout, use the Stocked Fish tool on our website. Choose Lake Report at the “Select Your Report Type” option. Then, at “Select Your Fish Type,” choose Rainbow Trout under “Stock Species.” Filter by “Stock Strain” for Horsefly R. Finally, click “Generate Report.”

3rd Place:  Daniel Kriss. Three-year-old James caught his first coho and sockeye this year.”

If you missed the deadline or didn’t win this year, be sure to try again in 2023. We’ll be announcing new categories and asking for submissions starting in the summer.