December 6, 2021

How to Create Custom Reports Using the Stocking Report Tool

The Fish Stocking Report Tool on our website lets you create your own customized reports.
The Lake Report shows every stocking event/release for your selected waterbody (or waterbodies); the default date range is the most recent five years.
The Regional Report consolidates the data, providing a summary of the total number of fish stocked into each lake or stream in a region per year. The annual total for each species stocked in a region is also displayed at the bottom of the report.

How to Run a Lake Report


  1. Select Lake Report.
  2. Select Report Release Date. The default date range is the most recent five-year period. If you are looking for the latest update when your local lake was stocked, there is no need to adjust the dates. If you are searching for stocking events during a specific time period, you can modify the dates, but the range must be in five-year increments (or less). For example, January 1, 1995 – January 1, 2000.
  3. Select Your Location. You can choose to narrow your search to one or multiple Regions, Towns, or Waterbodies (lakes or rivers). If you select a Region, the Waterbody filter will only show lakes or rivers located in that region. If you do not make a selection, the report will show the latest stocked lakes in all regions of B.C.
  4. Select Your Fish Type. Use the Stock Species filter if you are interested in stocking events related to a particular species. Rainbow trout are the only species stocked into every region of the province. If you select Rainbow Trout, you also have the option to narrow your search further by selecting the strain.
  5. Click Generate Report. Results will appear in chronological order. On the report page, you have the ability to export the results as a CSV or PDF file.

How to Run a Regional Report

  1. Click Regional Report.
  2. Select the year for which you wish to see stocking totals.
  3. Select the region(s) for which you wish to see stocking totals.
  4. Click Generate Report. Results appear in alphabetical order. Each line of the report shows the total number of species and strains stocked into a waterbody for the selected year. The total number of stocked species for the region can be found at the bottom of the report.

The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC thanks the 350,000+ anglers who purchased a freshwater fishing licence each year. Your fees help fund the stocking program.

Author: Staff, Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC
Images: Eiko Jones