February 5, 2018

Planning a Field Trip with the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC

Field trips with the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC offer age-appropriate, hands-on opportunities to learn outside the classroom. Field trips are offered at the Kootenay Trout Hatchery near Cranbrook, the Fraser Valley Trout Hatchery in Abbotsford, and many lakes across the province. A visit to either of our hatchery Visitor Centres is a one-of-a-kind experience for students and teachers alike. Many of our field trip programs support the Prescribed Learning Outcomes of the B.C. Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Packages, and can be tailored to any grade level or to meet the needs of individual groups. Whether you teach in a preschool, high school, or at any level in between, our knowledgeable interpreters have a program so fun and memorable that your students won’t even know they are learning.

Clearwater, Kootenay, and Fraser Valley Trout Hatchery Programs

Choose from one of three field trip programs. Activities can include learning about a trout’s life cycle through an interactive story, learning how to protect a fish’s habitat, water quality testing, aquatic insect collection, hands-on fishing, and so much more. For more information, or to book a program, please  e-mail fish@gofishbc.com

Lake Locations Across B.C.

No matter where you teach in the province, a condensed version of our Learn to Fish program may be offered seasonally at a lake near you. For more information on booking a program for your class, please e-mail fish@gofishbc.com

Not a teacher? No problem. Most field trip programs can be tailored to fit the needs for your group. If you are a family wanting to learn how to fish, sign up online. If you do not see a date or time that works for you, please email fish@gofishbc.com, and we will do our best to find a program that does. 

Author: Jessica Yarwood; Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC Staff
Photo Credit: Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC Staff & Justine Russo Photography