December 2, 2021

Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is less than a month away, and the angler on your list is no doubt hoping for some new fishing goodies under the tree. To save you some time, we’ve asked our staff for suggestions to help you pick out the perfect last-minute gift.    

Stocking Stuffers:

  • A really good filleting knife.
  • A fishing buff. Yes, like on “Survivor.” Never leave home without one.
  • A fly box filled with a variety of fly patterns.
  • An assortment of fishing tackle items is always good for filling a stocking. 
  • A CO re-arming kit for an inflatable PFD.


  • An ice-fishing rod makes a great present for kids who are looking to do some hard-water fishing; it’s also a perfect (and safer) tool for teaching kids to cast with a spinning rod that isn’t over two metres (six feet) long.
  • Heavy spoons, to make it easier to cast farther from shore.
  • Their own camp chair, to enjoy a place to sit and have a snack while fishing. You may even be able to find one with their favourite cartoon character on it.
  • Their first tackle box, made extra-special with a label-maker print of their name stuck to the outside.
  • A properly fitting, comfortable PFD or lifejacket that they’ll like to wear.  


  • A custom-made fishing rod would be a great way to show your spouse that you support their fishing addiction.
  • Without fail, everyone will need a new pair of waders at some time. For the female angler in your life, many companies now make waders that actually fit women properly.
  • A gift certificate to a B.C. fishing resort or guided fishing trip.
  • A non-electric, lever or manual espresso-maker to make an uncompromised cup of great java on a camping trip. There are some really cool ones on the market for the coffee-geek in your life.

Friend/ Family Member:

  • A soft rubber catch-and-release net that is both fish- and hook-friendly.
  • A pair of polarized sunglasses.
  • A watertight bag to keep your wallet and spare clothes completely dry. No excuses for going home early, no matter what happens.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season.

Author: Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC Staff