Economic Analysis

The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC commissioned M. Bailey (Wageningen UR) and U.R. Samaila (Fisheries Centre, UBC) to prepare the 2013 Freshwater Angling and the B.C. Economy report.

This report provides important insights into a vital but often-overlooked sector. Most notably, in 2010 alone:

  • Freshwater anglers made direct expenditures of $546 million on equipment, travel, accommodation and hospitality services - primarily in rural BC.
  • Total economic impact of freshwater fishing was almost $1 billion.
  • Freshwater fishing was responsible for tax revenues of $144 million.
  • For every $1 invested in the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC for stocking and other services, anglers spent an average of $24.

To put this in perspective, BC’s anglers spend three times more on equipment than downhill skiers, and infuse almost as much into the provincial economy as cruise-ship passengers. A key distinction, however, is that angling distributes benefits throughout the province — not just a few centres.

The growth in the value of BC’s freshwater sport fisheries, even during tough economic times, did not happen by accident. Sound management by the province, reinvestment of fishing licence revenues in conservation and enhancement services – not to mention almost 300,000 dedicated anglers - are the keys to this sector’s success.

Read the abridged 12-page 2013 BC Freshwater Sport Fishing Economic Impact Report.

For a full copy of the 60-page report please contact us.