Fun on the Fly

A story from Linda Bolton, Fishing Buddies 2010 winner

My Fishing Buddies trip was a day of learning many skills, right from how to wear waders for the first time to fly-fishing etiquette. My husband Terry and myself had a wonderful weekend and we brag regularly about it. Taking home over 50 pounds of beautiful Spring is something I was in awe of. And to catch them on a fly line?? Unbelievable.

Dennis was the perfect host. He pulled into a gas station a third of the way along our 2.5 hour journey and instructed us that we all had to smoke cigars - to ward off bears!

I was like, “what?” But a smile came over his face and I knew from then on the day would be a good one. He also spoke of how important it is to respect the sport of fishing and enjoy the art of the catch, good points for all of us to remember.

I didn’t expect the fishing to be so physical - I was aware of every muscle in my body. It took a lot of work and patience to land those fish, usually about a 15 to 30 minute fight. And I mean fight. They were jumping five feet off the water! It was a definite “Yahoo!” moment. The fish were hitting about every 20 to 30 minutes.

After losing the first two, I caught on and finally landed a 23 pound Spring. Dennis showed me how to clean it and store it for the day by placing it on a stick in the river. The Nitanat River is beautiful. We saw a couple of bears, which Dennis said looked to be about two to three years old. They just sat there and watched us from a couple hundred yards away. We also saw three deer on the way home.

In sum, it was day of three Bears, three deer, thousands of spring salmon and a heart full of laughter and good memories.