Sheridan Lake

Fishing has never been better

By Ken Scheer

Well-known Kamloops fly fisherman Ron Boudreau caught this Sheridan Lake beauty on September 24th, 2006. Measuring a length of 32” and girth of 19.5” it was calculated to weigh just over 15 pounds.

According to Boudreau, the fish took him way into the backing a couple times. Eventually he had to chase it with his boat and with the help of a couple friends landed the monster.

Boudreau spent the entire week with five other fishing buddies, including Brian Chan. Read about their adventures below. 

Report from Sheridan Lake

The weather was awesome by sun seekers standards but it was not the best for fishing. It was new moon and most days were bright and sunny, with day time highs reaching 20°C + and nightly lows down to about 5°C. The surface water temperature varied between 12 and 14°C which is within the parameters for good fall fishing.

While the fishing was only fair in terms of Catch Per Unit Effort (CPUE), 0.44 fish/hour, the fish we caught more than made up for the lack of them. Lack of them biting that is! For those of you who fish at Sheridan Lake regularly you know that during the Spring and Fall there is a lot of jumping going on as fish try to rid themselves of freshwater copepods.

The fish we caught were almost all feeding on Hyalella, the smaller cousin of the more common Gammarus freshwater shrimp. According to Brian when fish are feeding on these little guys they tend to be very selective on what other food items they eat. We did catch a few fish on small shrimp patterns but we caught 90% of our fish on small dark coloured leech imitations fished near the bottom. To further substantiate Brian’s theory about the fish not actively feeding was the fact that most of the fish were caught "soaking" the fly.

All in all it was a good week but the fishing will only get better as Fall progresses, the water temperature drops and the photoperiod declines. Get out there while the fishing is good!