Stocked Strains

The mandate of the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC (FFSBC) is “to conserve, restore and enhance the freshwater fish resources of British Columbia for the benefit of the public”. To this end, the FFSBC is striving to implement stocking programs that support this mandate. When applied in a conservative and diligent manner, stocking programs can meet the objective of maintaining and developing quality angling opportunities without compromising conservation objectives to protect wild fish populations.

We are currently working on updating our strain catalogue. The new catalogue will provide information on all species and strains we currently produce in order to provide angling opportunities. The FFSBC currently stocks Pennask trout, Blackwater trout, Gerrard trout, and the Fraser Valley strain rainbow trout. We are also in the process of completing an assessment on the Carp Lake strain of rainbow trout to determine if it is suitable for our program. In addition to rainbow trout, the FFSBC also stocks Westslope and 

Taylor River cutthroat trout. The FFSBC also stocks kokanee salmon collected from a tributary of Kootenay Lake, Meadow Creek.

The primary purpose of this strain catalogue is to describe the various rainbow trout strains available through the FFSBC. This catalogue will provide a tool for provincial fisheries biologists interested in managing their stocking programs more effectively. In addition, community groups or other agencies interested in stocking water bodies may be interested in this information. Finally, the material contained within this document includes information on the current strains, as well as historic information, that may be of use to FFSBC hatchery managers as reference material.

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