Your Licence Dollars at Work

When you buy a fishing licence, you help us stock more than 800 lakes a year. You also fund research, conservation and education programs, plus improve angler access.

Every dollar spent by anglers on fishing licences goes back into B.C.’s recreational fisheries resource, effective April 1, 2015. Under an agreement signed between the Province and the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, the Society receives 100% of freshwater fishing licence revenue to invest in recreational fisheries.

The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation is not be affected by the agreement and continues to receive 100% of the surcharge revenue collected from angling licence sales to provide grants for fish conservation projects.

British Columbia’s approach to fisheries management changed in 2003 with the privatization of the provincial hatchery program and the formation of the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC – BC’s only private, non-profit fisheries service funded by licence revenues.  Under the 30 year contract, government retained management authority while fish culture, fish health and other biological and technical services were transferred to the Society.

Since 2003, the Society’s activities have been focused primarily on stocking of small lakes, promoting sport fishing and improving the science around fish culture and small lakes fisheries management in the province. The additional funding from licence revenue allows the Society to work with our partners to further improve angling opportunities and management of both stocked and wild fish - in small lakes, large lakes and rivers throughout the province.

For more information on our funding sources and program costs, please refer to our Annual Report.