Our Vision and Objectives

Our Vision

For BC to Have the Best Freshwater Fisheries in North America

The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC (FFSBC) is a private non-profit organization dedicated to the enhancement and conservation of BC's freshwater fish resources for the benefit of the public.  The Society delivers the provincial fish stocking program to support sport fishing, offers a range of conservation services to protect wild fish, and promotes the importance of sport fishing and fish conservation to the public.

Our Strategic Objectives

The FFSBC has several strategic objectives:
  • To steadily increase the numbers of anglers
  • To have thriving recreational fisheries in BC
  • To be recognized as the leader in freshwater wild fish culture, and technology
  • To play a key role in the conservation and restoration of BC's wild fish populations
  • To be a valued employer,  and a respected partner
  • To be a sound, and successful non-profit business