Sport Fishing Development

The Sport Fishing Development Division works with the province, sport fishing business organizations, non-profit conservation and fisheries organizations, and with the anglers of BC to expand fishing opportunities while promoting and marketing freshwater sport fishing to the public. The division leads the implementation of BC's Angler Market Development Plan (AMDP) that aims to increase sport fishing participation by 30% over 10 years in order to return to historical levels.

Activities under the AMDP include regulation simplification, Learn to Fish programs for children, Fishing in the City, and Fishing Buddies programs. The AMDP is responsible for public relations, promotion through the media, the website, and social media. The division also works closely with the Fish and Wildlife Branch and Regional Operations fisheries biologists to resolve issues, develop initiatives, and otherwise promote effective management of freshwater recreational fisheries. The ADMP is also responsible for the development of public outreach programs delivered through the FFSBC hatcheries. These programs increase awareness and understanding of the social, cultural, and economic benefits related to fish conservation and sport fishing opportunities in BC.