Conservation Fish Culture Services

Many fish populations native to British Columbia's freshwater systems are in serious decline due to habitat degradation, over-harvesting, introductions of non-native species, and reduced ocean productivity.  Recovery initiatives are now underway for some of these populations of species to prevent extinction in the short-term and rebuild populations over the longer term.

White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative

White sturgeon is British Columbia‚Äôs largest freshwater fish species and is found in four major river systems including the Fraser, Nechako, Columbia and Kootenay rivers.  Unfortunately, all populations have experienced a serious decline in recent years, causing the province to place white sturgeon on the provincial red list.  Further evidence strongly indicates that three of these populations including the Nechako, Columbia and Kootenay face a high risk of extinction within the next generation if the situation is not remedied.  Recovery initiatives are underway for each of these populations. Read more about the White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative.