What We Do

Each year, the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC (FFSBC)  stocks about 800 lakes and streams throughout BC.  The Society also conducts research and development activities as well as promotion and marketing initiatives aimed at improving sport fishing in the province.  

Impact of Freshwater Fishing

Freshwater sport fishing is an important cultural, recreational, and economic contributor to the province.  Each year about 300,000 licenced anglers expend about $500 million with much of the economic activity taking place in rural B.C. About 50% of 

all angling activity on lakes in BC occurs on waterbodies stocked by the Society.  The Society also plays a key role in delivering a wide range of conservation services needed to protect and in some cases restore wild fish populations—including endangered white sturgeon.

The Society works closely with Provincial Fisheries Program staff in regional offices throughout BC and with the Fish and Wildlife Branch headquarters in Victoria.  We also work with a wide range of other public, private, academic, and non-profit partners in all aspects of our business.

Fish Hatcheries & Visitor Centres

The FFSBC owns and operates six major fish hatcheries.

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Fish Health & Research

The FFSBC is continually expanding its knowledge base through research and development.

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Conservation Fish Culture Services

Recovery initiatives are now underway for some of these populations of species to prevent extinction.

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Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Division is tasked with providing support for the delivery of all FFSBC programs.

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Sport Fishing Development

The Sport Fishing Development Division works to expand fishing opportunities.

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