Donations to Help Kids Go Fish BC

You know how much fishing has enriched your life; you've connected with nature, bonded with friends, and learned a skill that keeps giving back.

By donating to the FFSBC's, Help Kids Go Fish BC campaign, you can enrich the lives of others with the gift of fishing. Your tax-deductible donation will support programs that provide first fishing experiences and greater access to fishing throughout the province.

The FFSBC appreciates public and corporate donations towards its conservation, participation, and stocking programs that restore the province's aquatic natural resources and ensure the future of fishing in British Columbia.

Other Ways of Giving


Bequests and Planned Gifts

A bequest is one of the simplest ways to support the work we do at the FFSBC. These thoughtful gifts ensure that the Society can continue our critical work to protect B.C.’s fisheries for future generations.

Memorial and honorary donations

Memorial and honorary gifts to the FFSBC are a unique way to honour a friend or loved one. Consider honouring loved ones on birthdays, graduations, weddings and other special occasions. All gifts will be acknowledged with a letter to both the donor and to the person or the family of the individual being remembered or honoured.

Corporate matching gifts

The FFSBC encourages anglers to use their employer’s matching gifts programs as an easy way to increase their donation ability. Simply ask your company’s personnel office if there is a program, and if so, send the matching gift paperwork from your office, with your portion completed, along with your donation. The FFSBC and your employer will take care of the rest. By using your matching gifts programs, you will double your contribution to conserving, protecting and restoring BC’s fisheries.