Career Paths

The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC (FFSBC) offers a wide variety of challenging and rewarding positions in various fields.  When vacancies occur, there are career opportunities in the following areas:


Our administrative positions typically involve functions associated with running an efficient operation including, office administration, records management, finance, payroll, and human resources.


Experiences such as fish sampling, lake assessments, and laboratory work accompany the reporting from the biologists in our research and fish sciences division.

Fish Culturists

Our technicians provide a variety of fish culture activities such as operating field stations, spawning broodstock, fish rearing, and releasing freshwater trout, char, and kokanee into British Columbia's lakes.


Finance and administration positions provide a range of financial services including project accounting, contract management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budget development, and budget monitoring.

Professional & Management

Professional and management positions within the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC offer a broad range of opportunities such as operational areas within our science and sport fishing divisions, and functional areas such as project management, finance, marketing, payroll, and human resources.